#MotivationMonday: My Story

Diet and exercise

As previously said, I’ve always wanted to blog about fashion. I thought it was my only true and huge passion, the only one I could really write about. But now, I know that belief was totally false.

Everything needs a reason and the one for writing on a totally different topic is my thinking of fitness as a huge part of the fashion world.  Why is that? Just look at models and you’ll get your answer.

But I don’t want to talk about this part of the Industry because we all know what’s happening over there. I just believe in this healthy lifestyle and I really want to share my knowledge with whoever is interested.

To begin this serie, my idea was to tell you where I was coming from. It is not much of a big story, but I guess it’s always interesting to know where a person is coming from.

I have been skinny my entire life..

..and I have hated it. I was always jealous of those girls who did not have that - so appreciated - thigh gap. I did not want to have toothpick-like arms. But that’s what I had, no matter how much food I was eating. Yes, it’s a good thing and I know that so much people envy me for that. Trust me, I am not bragging. Because do you know what this metabolism did for me? Making my body so unhealthy I couldn’t exercise or practice a sport without getting out of breath in less than a minutes.

I did not really see the point in keeping myself from eating all the junk I liked because it did not affect my body. It wasn’t changing so I thought it was impossible for me to be out of shape. I looked good in clothes so for me, there was absolutely no point in changing my diet – note that I’m 17.

I have been hating my body for as long as I can remember..

..because even if I looked okay fully dressed up, I couldn’t bear the thought of wearing shorts and tee shirts, let alone going to the pool – when I was about 13-15: the mocking me for my body had started. I honestly did not think I had any power over my appearance because I simply did not gain any weight.

But I kept complaining about my hatred towards my body. And then, one day, I just thought it was time to stop complaining and start acting. I guess it had something to do with my break up that happened a month before.

That day was exacly a year ago..

..and it has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. Up to now, I’ve gave up twice, changed my goals multiple time and totally fell off track thrice.

Through that year, I’ve developped this envy of talking to people about the idea of a healthy lifestyle. It may sound hypocrit because, let’s face it, I have a hard time following my diet, but I am trying as much as I humanly can.

I do hope that through this serie, at least one of you will get inspired enough to try and change your life around.

To the next time,


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Seasonal Shopping: Save Money!


Spring has arrived –  or is on its way. That means we’re witnessing the rebirth of nature; flowers are blooming, trees are growing their leaves back and we trade our giant parka for a light wool coat. You know what it means: it’s time for Spring cleaning and shopping! Sadly, refreshing your wardrobe each season is quite expensive so if you don’t have all that money to waste, keep reading!

I know it is highly tempting to run into stores and buy tons of new Summer clothes. Unfortunately, if you don’t live in an area of endless hot weather, this won’t do because a few months later, you won’t be able to wear them anymore. And then, you’ll throw those clothes away and the cycle will begin again.

I personally have spent years using the method I am about to tell you. Since my parents didn’t like to shop and they didn’t want me to go without them, I only went once per year, which could either be during Summer or Winter. At first, I did not much care and was only buying what was looking good to me. Then, I went into this phase of “I only wear jeans and T-Shirts” which was probably the easiest to deal with because no matter what I chose, it would be okay all year round.

Only buy three to five trendy seasonal pieces..

..so that when the season will end, if you don’t want to wear them anymore, you don’t end up with an empty wardrobe. Think about what you really want in order to avoid that.

Save some money for one-use clothes..

..because you could buy a bunch of Summer dresses you’re planning on wearing one or two times each.

Sometimes, I feel like wearing something, but I know I won’t like it for so long. In this case, I just go to storage sale where eveything is really cheap (like $5 for a dress) and I get myself a few of them. I never buy poorly made clothes except in this case. Don’t bother checking for factory defaults because it is obvious that there will be some.

It may seem weird to tell you to buy a bunch of clothes that will be thrown away really soon, but in the long run, you’ll be saving money. Why? Simply because you won’t have spent much money on those seasonal clothing. Remember: there is a year in between Summers, so next year, you could hate what you like now. This way, you are ensuring yourself to have some cute clothes for the season without feeling guilty about throwing away everything when Fall arrives.

Don’t worry, there is plenty of ways to trick people into thinking your clothes are more expensive if you want to (will be in a post – I don’t know when, though. Let’s hope shortly).

Plus, you don’t have to throw it in the garbage. If some of those clothes are still beautiful and not destroyed, think about giving it to your closest thrift shop/organization that helps people in need.

Think about the rest of the year..

..even if it is tempting to only buy cute tank tops and short skirts. The two previous tips are there to cover your needs of Spring/Summer clothing.

There is a few months of hot weather in between two Winters, but try to find some beautiful long sleeved shirts, vests, sweaters, jeans and pants during this time of the year. Somehow, stores always have a bunch of interesting clothes for the colder season during Spring and Summer. You’ll have a couple of months to figure out what you really want so you can create your perfect Fall/Winter wardrobe before everyone else and not be completely devastated when you can’t find anything you like when the cold arrives because everything will be gone.

That’s about it! There is only three tips, BUT that is because I decided to write another post that will be about shopping “smartly”/saving money no matter the time of the year. I just wanted to separate the post in between those two categories so it does not become overwhelming.

Have you got some tips you’d like to share?

Note: I used the scenario of being in Spring/Summer because that’s the period we currently are in!

Image © Erik Madigan Heck



About a week ago, on the super #fbloggers chat, I noticed that a lot of people loved vintage inspired clothing. It got me thinking about shops from where I would actually find lots of interesting clothes. That’s when 1861 popped into my minds. And I fell in love with their clothes, once again.

I don’t know about you, but I adore vintage clothing – bring the 50s back, please.

They offer a wide variety of styles so you’re most likely going to find at least one this you absolutely love. Also, the website and the stores all have different inventories and they change it quite often. If you don’t find something you like today – which I find it hardly possible – come back tomorrow and they could have it. And if you visit or live in Montreal, go check out their boutique. It’s totally worth it!

The prices can be a little expensive depending of your budget, but from what I have notice, their clothes are immensely versatile. They are quite classic which makes it so easy to dress them up or down according to where you’re going. Isn’t that cool?

If you need some pictures to convince you, here are a few things that I personally quite enjoy.

Craiova ♥ Gianella ♥ Cannes

Málaga ♥ Anise Dark ♥ Firenze
Mostoles ♥ Genni ♥ Sydney Nude
Buyō ♥ Roskilde CheetahVogue

If you’re a little bit hesitant about ordering online, here’s some comments about their clothes, handling and shipping. You can also check their reviews page for more.


About 1861

1861 is a Montreal-based shop. They sell exclusive clothes coming from designers from all around the world. If you want more informations and answers, just click here!

“Inspired by vintage, 1861 brings you back to the fashion glamour of the days of olde;
You’re invited to a shopping trip that’s completely affordable, highly satisfying…
and of course, one of a kind…! ♥”
Disclaimer: This post was NOT sponsored. Yes, I give free publicity to stores, brands and designers that I enjoy!
Images © Boutique 1861


header hi

These past two weeks, I’ve sit in front of this blank page for longer than I ever did before. You could call it writer’s block or simply not knowing the best way to start my blog because you know, now that the fashion blog niche – or anything else really – has exploded, you don’t get much chances. You got to be perfect from the beginning!

As a person who enjoys to experiment new things, I’ve had the occasion to try tons of different looks going from matching weird colors and patterns to this more sophisticated neutral look. Because yes, even the biggest fashion icon of the world makes some faux pas.

Fashion has been a huge part of my life since forever. I can actually remember the first blog I’ve ever made when I was eight, which was about that same topic. Let’s just say that for the past ten years of my life, I’ve wanted to write about fashion, tell my opinion about trends, dress up and share my outfits with anyone who would be interested in them!

I see life like this big adventure you never chose to be a part of but like everything else in the world, you’ve got to make the best of it. And this is me trying to do so.

Talk to you soon,