About a week ago, on the super #fbloggers chat, I noticed that a lot of people loved vintage inspired clothing. It got me thinking about shops from where I would actually find lots of interesting clothes. That’s when 1861 popped into my minds. And I fell in love with their clothes, once again.

I don’t know about you, but I adore vintage clothing – bring the 50s back, please.

They offer a wide variety of styles so you’re most likely going to find at least one this you absolutely love. Also, the website and the stores all have different inventories and they change it quite often. If you don’t find something you like today – which I find it hardly possible – come back tomorrow and they could have it. And if you visit or live in Montreal, go check out their boutique. It’s totally worth it!

The prices can be a little expensive depending of your budget, but from what I have notice, their clothes are immensely versatile. They are quite classic which makes it so easy to dress them up or down according to where you’re going. Isn’t that cool?

If you need some pictures to convince you, here are a few things that I personally quite enjoy.

Craiova ♥ Gianella ♥ Cannes

Málaga ♥ Anise Dark ♥ Firenze
Mostoles ♥ Genni ♥ Sydney Nude
Buyō ♥ Roskilde CheetahVogue

If you’re a little bit hesitant about ordering online, here’s some comments about their clothes, handling and shipping. You can also check their reviews page for more.


About 1861

1861 is a Montreal-based shop. They sell exclusive clothes coming from designers from all around the world. If you want more informations and answers, just click here!

“Inspired by vintage, 1861 brings you back to the fashion glamour of the days of olde;
You’re invited to a shopping trip that’s completely affordable, highly satisfying…
and of course, one of a kind…! ♥”
Disclaimer: This post was NOT sponsored. Yes, I give free publicity to stores, brands and designers that I enjoy!
Images © Boutique 1861