It Simply Is NOT A Priority!

Hey loves, how have you been lately? I hope you’ve been good!

For me, this past week has been kind of hectic. Yes, you can actually feel finals arriving extremely soon, isn’t this fun? Unfortunately, it can also mean less frequent posts, even though they’re kind of very far apart already. I simply couldn’t find the time in between all the studying, the countless hours spent at the gym – it is my second home, okay? –  and work. But the question is: “wouldn’t” or “couldn’t”?

The question is: “wouldn’t” or “couldn’t”?

The distinction is actually quite hard to make. As humans with busy lives, we’ve built the mechanism of using a lack of time as an excuse to not do something we either want or don’t want to do. “I don’t have time” is one of the most popular excuse people use to explain why they eat junk food and/or don’t work out. Well, I am here to tell you that is udder bulls**t! Whether you want to hear that or not, it simply is a fact.

The difference in between those two words resides in the intention. When you “can’t” do something, it’s because there’s something that’s physically or mentally keeping you from doing it. It doesn’t matter if it’s time or tied hands that takes the possibility away from you: there’s literally something against you… But when you “won’t” do something, that’s an entirely different thing. Now, this word has a very bad connotation to it. Usually, when someone say “I won’t”, it’s taken in a very negative way. It’s considered a bit mean or like that person doesn’t care enough. Except it doesn’t necessarily mean that. It may also mean that said person may have had a choice in between working and lounging, but because of whatever reason he/she may have, he/she chose the latter. And that’s nothing to be ashamed about.

What’s up with that?

To be perfectly honest, it kind of hurted my relationship with some humans. For instance, around November, I went on two dates with this guy who went to the same gym as I and he wanted to know if I was free on the following Saturday, but since I had about three books to complete during that week end, it wasn’t possible. However, on the Thursday following his asking, I think he saw me at the gym because the next day, I received a message from him telling me he was moving on.

My priorities are extremely clear. My health comes first and school is second. Hobbies are third – because we all need breaks sometimes – and after that comes my relationship with other humans – except for my family; they have priority on all of this. This is why it didn’t really bug me – that and this guy explicitely said it was not a big deal if I were to fail to complete my two years of sciences and maths before January 16th. Obviously, blogging is a hobbie, so it’s only third on my priority list. I mean yes, if I wasn’t attending school full time, it would have it’s own category and be placed a bit higher, but that’s not currently a fact. So, I play around my schedule and when I have a bit of time to write, I do. It means that even though I expect to post twice a week, that may not always be a reality.

You won’t feel as guilty!

This has to be the thing I love most about prioritizing your life. You see, I’m the kind of person who apologises too much because I’m convinced I am a weird person and everything I do is potentially going to let people down – or just creep them out, that’s also a possibility. However, since I began relying on this “system”, I have found myself feeling more okay with not hanging out with people or not attending an event. It helps me to not feel any guilt when I need to spend my lunch break decompressing instead of writing a new post or am too tired to sleep a little bit later some nights to upload a post.

Instead of thinking “I don’t have time” when you are asked to hang out or whatnot, think “it is not a priority”.

It’s all about being happy with what you do.

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Top 6 Tips To Begin Your Fitness And Health Journey

So you’ve skimmed through the entire fitness hashtag on Instagram, browsed dozens of boards on Pinterest and now, every inches of your body are screaming “I’m ready!”. Now that you’re pumped, excited about finally making the change to your lifestyle, you may not know where to start because let’s face it, there’s so many things to consider it’s easy to get lost… so I thought I’d be a great idea to write down a few things I think are very important and helpful to know when you begin your health journey.

Without further a-do, let’s get to it!

1- Create small goals

The biggest mistake anyone can make is decide on an objective that’s way too hard to reach. If you ask too much of yourself or believe you can do way more than what you actually can, you’ll be disappointed and if you are, you put yourself a step closer to giving up, something you don’t want to happen.

Instead of telling yourself “I want six pack abs in two months”, decide on

2- Plan everything ahead

They say preparation is the key to avoid failure, and they’re not wrong. While I personally don’t believe in preparing your meals a week at a time, I do believe in preparing yourself and by that, I mean to always know what you’re going to do.

small notebook flagnorfail

It might take some time getting used to it. It’s definitely going to feel like a chore at first, but after a while, you’re probably going to do it without even thinking about it. If you do weight training, then always write down what you are going to work out and the exercises you’re going to do – I’ll be talking about that later. I personally chose to use a small little book to write down my workouts and created a 5 day meal plan to accompagny that (it’s not very pretty inside though so I’m going to keep that private for the moment, okay?? :D). That way, I can have a small idea about what works and what doesn’t.

When it comes to food, you don’t want to reach for the bad things, so always have something prepared. It might seem useless at first, but when you’re starving – because yes, that happens – you’re honestly not going to think about taking the time to cook yourself a delicious healthy meal. Nope, you’re probably going to go for that box of cookies laying on the counter or the bag of chips you’ve carefully placed in the pantry, behind the peanut butter jars, to keep the temptations away. To keep yourself from ever being in that situation, you should always have a few vegetables cut out, some left overs from your favorite healthy meals that you can quickly put in the microwave before you go for the bad stuff.

3- Take. Progress. Pictures…

… aaaaaaand ditch the scale. Like, really. You can weight yourself every once in a while just for fun, but don’t rely on those numbers, please.

Progress pictures are everything and I often regret not thinking about taking them when I began my transformation. They are a sure way to tell if you’re progressing or if you’ve hit a plateau because unfortunately, the scale doesn’t discriminate fat or muscles. Unlike it, the pictures will allow you to know if you have to make changes to your workout and dieting regimen. It will allow you to see whether or not you’ve shed some fat or gained a bit of muscles. Yes, the scale can be helpful at first, but there’s a point where it just stops being useful, so you don’t want to get addicted to it!

(Plus you can show off to all your friends with progress pictures, so that’s fun :D)

4- Know that your intake is all that really matters

Three tips in a row about food? What does that mean!?? You guessed it, there’s nothing more important than that. Well, let’s emphasize on that. No amount of exercise could make up for a sloppy diet. Yes, that’s another very popular saying, but if you don’t care about your intake, what results do you expect to see?

Now, there’s not a single way to go about that. Some people swears by IIFYM while others believe in eating healthy foods most of the time with one or two indulgences every week. Unfortunately, there’s no secret formula to success. You are going to have to try different methods according to your goals, to your body’s metabolic speed and to your degree of self-control. I mean, IIFYM’s great, but if you have no control, then it can trigger bad habits as quickly as it is to say “wall” (what a random word that is).

Even though your results depend on the food you eat, your body’s the boss. You need to understand its cues. Sometimes, you’re going to need sugar and when you do, you need to know when you have to grab that chocolate bar. I can’t stress that enough. No, one chocolate bar is not going to destroy all the progress you’ve made. However, not eating it could end up in you feeling not-so-good.

5- Be prepared to drink a butt load of water

No censuring. Water is so important, you have no idea – I’m even going to give it its own post because there’s too much things to say about it. If you’ve never drank much of it before, then be prepared for a real change. Don’t force it in. Instead of aiming for the big numbers, go slowly. Say you want to drink a gallon a day, then begin by drinking 1L. Then, after two weeks, double that amount. A month after that, you can think about upping it to 3L. Aaaand you get the drill.

You don’t want to go too fast. If you do, then your body’s not going to be very happy and you definitely want to avoid that!

Also, you should know that you will incorporate visiting the washroom a lot more often during the day. It’s going to be annoying, but that’s better than keeping it all in! It’s all going to be worth it when you start noticing changes in your energy levels and the changes in and on your body.

6- Don’t listen to the Internet

This is quite contradictory, I know. I mean, you’re reading this tip on a blog, which only exists because and on the Internet, so why am I saying this? While I do believe there are some good websites and blogs about dieting out there, most of them share the “one size fits all” mentality. The problem with that is that you are you and I am me. We have totally different bodies, so how are they supposed to work the same way?

Would you feed a Yaris the same quantity of fuel you’d give a truck? No! They don’t require the same amount of fuel to function plus, you couldn’t fit as much in the first as you could in the latter.

It’s very simple. We all have different metabolic speed and while you can use calories counter on the Internet to define what works for you – and I actually do recommand doing that – but you can’t just use that number without questionning it. Depending on how you feel while working out, how much energy you have, how happy – or unhappy – you are or by your hunger level, you can most definitely tell whether or not you are eating the proper amount of calories, proteins, carbohydrates and fats for your own body. You should always make changes to your diet so it can make you feel as good as possible. It’s better to take some more time to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t and to start with a higher amount of calories and slowly going down even though it might slow the apparition of your well-desired results. You wouldn’t want to get sick.

Oh and, plenty of magazines have that mentality too. Your health is the most important thing you possess so always be careful about who and what you’re trusting it with.

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Those are my six tips. In all honesty, I wanted to give you five because it’s not as disturbing of a number as six, but I just couldn’t pick. I mean, six, that’s very odd! I probably could’ve rounded it up to five and gather some more to create a part two to this post, but to be honest, I couldn’t figure out which one was less important than the others because really, they’re all very necessary.

I hope this helps you to begin your health journey. If you have any question, either leave me a comment or tweet me!

Until the next,


P.S.: Please never forget that magic is not a thing and you will have to work your butt off to see the results you’re hoping for. Just don’t give up

Why You Should Ditch “Motivation”

Regardless of what you want to do in life, getting started is hard, but keeping going can end up being harder. Why is that? Because when we start something, we are excited about it. We create expectations that will obviously let us down and when they do, we just want to give up!

Over the course of my journey, I’ve learned many things, but what stuck with me the most is that motivation is worthless. You heard me right: it does nothing good. Yes, you’ll need it at first, it is what’s going to get you to get up and work you butt off for what you want. You’ll rely on it when you begin and actually and that’s a good thing. But after a while, you’ll begin to notice that you have a harder time finding motivation and if you rely on it to do anything, at some point, you won’t want to keep going. It’s a very popular misconception to think that motivation is what makes you do things. Honestly, you’re going to wake up every once in a while – more frequently than you’d think – feeling a certain lack of envy of getting up in the morning and doing what you need to do.

With all that being said, it is now time to tell you about the real deal: dedication. Now, what’s the difference in between it and motivation? Well, let’s take a closer look at the dictionnary’s definition of both words:motivationdedicationAs you can see, there’s quite a difference. You may not be able to count on motivation much, but you can trust dedication to push you further than you ever thought you could. It is what makes successful people successful. It is what keeps anyone from giving up during the harder times. It means that even if you don’t feel like doing something that will help you to reach your goals, you will do it.

Have you ever started something that you had been wanting to do for a long time? Whether it’s learning a new skill or getting back in shape, it doesn’t matter: at first, you probably were super excited about it. You had expectations. You thought that by a certain date, you’d be seeing obvious progress, but you didn’t actually notice any. With every passing day, you lost motivation. You stopped doing what you started because you didn’t see the results you’d hope for. In a way, that’s totally understandable, but the truth is, if you begin to rely on dedication as soon as you feel that your motivation is wearing out, you will keep going and see the results you want to see.

And yes, this may apply to your health and your fitness goals, but it also applies to everything else in your life. You need to learn when to give up on motivation to let the dedication in and I swear the progress you’ll be making will surprise you.

Until the next,


Living For Yourself

Let’s be honest, if there’s one thing we all want, it is to be able to reach that point of “not caring about what people thinks of me” regardless of the situation you may be in. Well, you’re in luck because if there’s one thing I’ve figured out about life, it’s how to achieve just that.

A few months ago, when I got back into the gym, I was honestly scared. I was SO convinced I would be judged by just about everybody because I was not fit and I would use very light weight. I had to find a way to “zone out” while in the weight room. You see, I figured that people go to the gym for themselves and not for anybody else. Really, they don’t care about what you look like or about what you’re doing. This bubble I created for myself was all great. It made me confident, made me careless. In a way, it kind of freed me. Now, my problem was out of the gym.

I got to the conclusion I had to bring my bubble in my everyday life, thing I had never thought about doing. For a long time, I would wear headphones all the time, just because it allowed me to believe I was in my own tiny part of the universe that no one could disturb… but that’s no way to live. I mean, music is great, don’t get me wrong, but you can’t spend your entire life creating an invisible barrier in between you and everybody else. So, I started to apply my gym “philosophy” to my everyday life.

I still live with the constant fear of being judge. Actually, it’s not much of a fear, but more like a feeling. I spend all of my time believing the people surrounding me have an opinion on the way I walk, the way I talk or the way I eat. And you know what? Maybe they are! But, I will never actually know because I’m not in their minds. So, instead of bothering myself with uncertainty, I decided to distance myself from those thoughts and just like that, everything became better… I’m not joking!


There is such a strong correlation in between your thoughts and how you feel, and I’m not the only who believes in that. Whenever you feel like someone is looking at you, you just got to brush off that feeling. Now, I know this is not an easy task, I mean, if it were, literally everybody would be doing it. It’s something you have to work on, constantly. Yes, sometimes you will doubt yourself. You will think that people are actually looking at you and judging you and when your brain starts playing you, just remember that YOU are the person living your life which means that YOU are the person who has to enjoy it, not the guy sitting next to you or the girl across the room. I can guarantee you that living without the fear of being judged – living for yourself will give you a kind of freedom you never thought you had.

Until the next,


Let’s Jump Together In This Magical Adventure!

Eve Gagnon - rollerblades
Do you know what the latest trend is? I’ve got one clue for you: it is not about fashion.

You may have guessed it, maybe because I wouldn’t be using this headline if I was not blogging on the subject. Maybe it’s because of your Instagram feed, your idol or from your favorite magazine: it is fitness!

Over the past few years, it has grown so much and whether your blame it on Victoria’s Secret or our obsession towards a perfect booty, it doesn’t matter. This sudden explosion of interest on the subject is amazing, truly, but it is also very awful. Magazines are making money spreading falsified information on the subject, convincing people to try unhealthy measures to lose fat. Companies create “magic pills” that will give you your dream body in a month or two. The amount of fitness-related scams keep growing and you know why? Because there is always someone ready to believe there’s a shortcut.

“How are you any different?”, you may ask (and if you don’t, then let’s just pretend you did, okay? Thank you! :D). Well, to answer that question, I need to tell you a little bit about my story.

You see, about two years ago, I decided I would start to get healthy. I had no concept of what it meant because prior to that moment, my diet consisted of junk food, milk and bacon and my physical abilities were totally inexistant. So I started drinking two smoothies a day because I thought this was going to be enough to see any progress. I then found out about YouTube fitness videos and when I saw the women’s bodies, I knew this is what I wanted to look like. I spent about eight to ten months convinced I could cheat fat oss with a bunch of crazy fad diets before finding out about that supposedly magic number: 1200. I looked around on a lot of websites and for some reasons, there was a big consensus saying that 1200 calories a day was THE answer to anyone’s weight loss problems. So, I followed that directive and everything was fine… for about a week. You see, being 5’7 and having a very, very fast metabolism, this number is only a little bit more than half of what my body needed to function, back then.

And by that, I mean, if I were to do nothing all day whatsoever. To  that, add that I was spending about an hour at the gym, five days a week. So, as you can most certainly imagine, I became very sick… but I kept going for about a month because I thought my body would just get used to it. It obviously didn’t, so I had to step back and stopped training altogether. I kept trying a bunch of crazy fad diets in the few months I spent out of the gym. At some point in the middle of June 2014, I decided to stop playing with my health. I mean, I was in a very bad place both emotionally and I was doing extremely awful things to my body, which only kept making me feel worse about myself and my life in general. So, I started asking questions to my friends who lifted and browsed the Internet for knowledge – don’t worry, I know what to trust and what not, at that point. And then, I joined the closest gym to my house and started eating according to how I felt, but always keeping my goals in minds.

Fitness is very important to me because not only has it saved me from myself, but it is also my passion. It is why I get so mad when I see people waste their money on “magical” shortcuts or throw their health away, whether I personally know them or not. My goal is not only to warn you against those traps, but also to share with you the knowledge I’ve aquired over the past two years. What matters to me is your health and how you feel.

I am not here to paint you a perfect picture of the lifestyle. Yes, it’ll suck sometimes. You won’t always want to do what you have to do, but it’ll be worth it in the end, that I can assure you.

Until the next,