The Reason Behind the Story

The beginning of any story comes from a reason. There’s a reason why someone wants to share part of their thoughts with anyone. Well, a blog is literally just a long ass excuse of a story… and this post is my reason. So stick with me and you’ll get to know what it is and how this story unfolds.

I believe there’s a “click” that happens in someone’s head when they’re faced with the situation that will define what their dream career will be. I can safely and confidently make this affirmation because this is exactly what happened to me… but before I get into that, allow me to rewind back to a couple years ago.

Part 1 – The time I convinced myself I didn’t care

Studying was always something I dreaded. Correction: I didn’t understand what it entailed because I never had to learn what it was. Everything was easy in elementary school. I was that annothing person who would get A’s on everything without needing to glance at her books… although I wasn’t bragging about it so I guess it wasn’t that bad…

I was not pressured to get good grades. I wasn’t going to a high school so all that mattered was that I passed; the bonus was getting higher-than-average results. And to be completely honest with you, I just wanted to get out of elementary school as quickly as possible; I just wanted to go to high school and finally get that fresh start I was dreaming so much about.

Then came high school. I was still that kid who believed she could become a singer, an actress or you know, anything that requires either talent, money and/or incredible luck. You get the point. I had no backup plans. That was what I wanted to be and I believed it was impossible to fail. Because of that, I didn’t really care about how I did in school, so I didn’t bother learning to study. All I wanted was to get through high school as fast as possible. In grade 10, I ended up taking advanced maths to please my parents. I didn’t do a single exercise, I didn’t bother trying to understand the gibberish that calculus was for me. I didn’t care about failing this class because one, all that was required to graduate was grade 10 regular maths and I would be able to complete that course over grade 11 and two, I plainly just didn’t give a rat’s ass.

I failed that class.

And I was convinced I was stupid.

Part 2 – The time I experienced magic, or how I came to finally discover my dream

Grade 11 arrived and then March 1st; the CEGEP application deadline.

Unless you’re from the province of Quebec, you probably don’t know what CEGEP is, so allow me to take a second and clarify it a little bit for your understanding. CEGEP is an establishment that takes place in between high school and universiity. You have two types of programs you can chose from: some are two years long and are there as “in betweeners” to prepare you for university while others last three years and are made to propel you into “le monde du travail“. If you chose the former, you’ll then go to university where you’ll be spending three years getting a bachelor’s degree or if you go in a field like medicine, five years to obtain your doctorate. That pretty much sums it up.

Let’s get back to the point.

So here I am, a 16 years old girl who never cared about school, who never got the chance to enjoy the social part of being in school, not wanting to actually pursue anything because these buildings never brought me anything but misery.

I was told I had to make a choice. I picked a random social sciences program because I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Except that I wanted to become a singer.

The following summer, I stepped foot in a hospital for the first time in my life. While I was desesperately trying to find the wing I was referred to, I walked by the ER doors and at that exact moment, I felt the “click” in my head – and my heart. I knew that this was where I belonged. It was where I was supposed to be. I was destined to study medecine and become a surgeon.

Part 3 – The time I discovered I actually cared

Unfortunately, I couldn’t just change program right away. You see, even if it had been possible to switch as the semester begun, I was still missing the classes health sciences required: grade 10 and 11 advanced mathematics and sciences.

Against everyone’s expectations, I completed all of them in one semester, four months, while going to CEGEP full time. In the following January, I started studying in health sciences.

Now, try to imagine how it must have felt to be in a place where not studying wasn’t an option for the first time in my life. It took me a while to figure it out. It took trials and errors, including failing multiples courses, multiple times. Not such a good role model after all, right?

Next semester is the beginning of my university life and let me tell you, it is both scary and exciting. Hearing from an advisor for the first time in my life that even though she has to talk to me about the 2.0 GPA rule, she doesn’t believe she needs to because from what I told her, it is not going to be a problem, is amazing. But having the chance to start over and prove to myself that I’ve indeed changed is what I’m looking forward to the most.

Thus concludes the reason behind the story you’re about to follow. I’m behind everyone that graduated high school at the same time as me, but what’s the point of finishing first if you’re not thoroughly enjoying what you’re doing?


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  1. Your story is amazing and inspiring and came at the right time in my cegep life ! I hope that you will succeed everywhere ❤ good luck in uni !

  2. I am looking forward to your future posts. I love reading stuff from ambitious people who do not just dream .

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